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SallyeAnder® Soaps, Creams & Balms



The SallyeAnder® Story:

SallyeAnder's commitment to creating "The Best Soap in America" has remained unwavering for 30 years.  During this time, every product decision was made with the intention to deliver the highest quality, all-natural skincare solutions to their customers without the use of artificial chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  Long before "going green" was ever heard of, SallyeAnder promised to formulate their products as ecologically as possible.  Gary Austin began the company with an Olive Oil Castile soap for his baby son, who was allergic to grocery-aisle-soap; what sprung from there was a true understanding of the needs of people with allergy-prone, sensitive skin. Since 1982, their small, New York-based team of skilled artisans have been keeping America clean while addressing every skin concern for their customers personally; from bug-bites to dandruff and everything in between.  From using edible ingredients and essential oils to handcrafting, packaging, and shipping each of their items, SallyeAnder is a people-employed company, dedicated to helping people.


The SallyeAnder® Promise:

Always use olive oil or soy as their base
Always use pure, edible ingredients
Always formulate with the finest essential oils
Never cut corners with their recipes or ingredients
Never use coconut or palm oils
Never test on animals
Never use parabens, alcohols, or sodium laurel sulfates
Never use artificial dyes, synthetic chemicals, or foaming agents


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